*USCG Licensed and Insured*

Capt. Brian Jill is a native to the Tampa Bay area, having grown up on the Florida Gulf Coast he has a close connection with the surrounding waters and the fish that live there. His Fly Fishing career has taken him to far off locations around the globe such as Argentina, Iceland, New Zealand, Mongolia, Central and South America.

He was one of the
founders of the Angling Exploration Group (AEGmedia) and his work with them has helped to pave a way for the new adventure style of Fly Fishing videos. He attended Colorado State and graduated with a degree in Anthropology. After 5 years of mountain life he decided that he needed to return to the ocean and continue his fly fishing lifestyle. When not guiding he can be found working on a new MOTIV FISHING film project and traveling to the next remote fishing location.

Some of his past video projects with AEGmedia include:
Trout Bum Diaries 1: Patagonia
Trout Bum Diaries 2: Kiwi Camo - New Zealand
Fish Bum 1: Riverwolf - Mongolia
Fish Bum 2: Metalhead - British Columbia

You can view these video trailers here:

Current video project with
MOTIV Fishing:

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