Winter Redfish

The chilly winds of December brings with it schools of hungry Redfish and large negative low tides during the middle of the day. Redfish can be found on most of the flats of Tampa Bay this time of year in larger groups either pushing big head wakes or (if your lucky to time it right) pointing their tails to the sky.

Some of our recent trips out we have hooked multiple Reds on fly, fish some of which were in the double digits. We have been getting most of our fish on toad style crab patterns tied in dark colors. All of our fish are sighted, either as cruising fish or tailing which both make for an exciting, in your face, fishing experience. Our Redfish season will be great all through the winter time and although it can get a bit chilly around our area this time of year there are still plenty of perfect sunny days to be had! Book your next Redfish trip with Capt Brian Jill.

Capt Nick Angelo with a nice Tampa Bay Redfish

Greg Peterson with another nice Red caught on a Black Crab fly