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Hells Bay Waterman

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The Waterman 18 is an incredible all around skiff that is unparalleled in it's abilities to handle a rough chop yet still capable of accessing those shallow hard to reach fishing spots. Stability coupled with a large amount of deck space will make your time on the water more enjoyable allowing you to focus on the matter at hand, catching fish! Standard casting platform and cage style platforms are available to make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

Salt March 1444

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SaltMarsh skiffs are built for the tough marsh environment where around the next bend could be an oyster bar, rocks or stumps. These tough boats feature kevlar laminates, making them lightweight and extraordinarily strong and built to last. Paired with the unmatched 23hp Copperhead surface drive motor this boat was built with a purpose, to access remote waters that other outboards might not make it through.