Reserve your next fly fishing charter today with Capt. Brian Jill and fish the crystal clear waters of Tampa Bay and the Gulf Coast of Florida. Fly fishing in Tampa Bay on the shallow water flats and beaches for Redfish, Snook, and Tarpon doesn't get better than this!



Tarpon Fly Fishing (Spring-Summer)

The Tampa Bay Area has some of the most expansive, bright sandy flats around. Spring through Summer is the prime time for big migratory Tarpon. Resident Tarpon are available nearly year round in Tampa Bay and is a truly unique fishery that many people overlook. Book your trip now as spots will fill up quickly. This is one of the pinnacles of fishing, hooking a Silver King on Fly!

Snook on the Fly

Another trip that I offer is sight fishing for Snook. We target these fish during the warmer months off our beaches and around our barrier islands. A great way to fish for them is to pole or walk along the beaches in the early morning. These fish will swim right along the shorelines, in the swash channel, looking for food. This is 100% sight fishing.

Redfish (Fall-Winter)

Redfish can be caught year round in Tampa Bay, although I prefer to fish them in the cooler months. Florida winters remains fairly mild throughout the season with the occasional cold front. In between these fronts we can have bright sunny days that are perfect for sight fishing Redfish on our flats. During the winter it is usual to see large schools of Redfish moving across shallow water devouring crabs, shrimp, and baitfish.

Night Fly Fishing

When the sun goes down a variety of fish come out to feed heavily around lighted structures such as docks and bridges. These places can quickly turn into a battle ground when a hungry Tarpon decides to eat your fly. Some of my largest Snook have been caught while night fishing. This is a very exciting and visual type of fly fishing.