Captain Brian Jill

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Capt. Brian Jill is a native to the Tampa Bay area and has been guiding in the area over 8 years. Having grown up on the Gulf Coast of Florida he has a close connection with the surrounding waters and the fish that live there. His Fly Fishing career has taken him to remote locations around the globe such as Central/South America, Iceland, Greenland, New Zealand, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, South Pacific islands, and Australia.

As one of the
founders of the Angling Exploration Group (AEGmedia) he helped to pave a way for a new adventure style of Fly Fishing videos. He attended Colorado State and graduated with a degree in Anthropology. After 5 years of mountain life he decided to return to his saltwater roots in Florida and continue his fly fishing lifestyle. When he's not guiding he can be found working on a new MOTIV FISHING film project and traveling to the next remote fishing location.

Current video project with
MOTIV Fishing and Costa Sunglasses:


Follow the GEOBASS adventure here:


Some of his past video projects with AEGmedia include:
-Trout Bum Diaries 1: Patagonia
-Trout Bum Diaries 2: Kiwi Camo - New Zealand
-Fish Bum 1: Riverwolf - Mongolia
-Fish Bum 2: Metalhead - British Columbia

You can view these video trailers here: